An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (Cambridge University Press). An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
Here is the Table of Contents:
Preface: Philosophy of Science for Philosophers, Scientists, and Everyone Else.
Part I: Background and Basic Concepts
1. Some Problems of Induction
2. Falsificationism: Science without Induction?
3. Underdetermination
4. Logical Empiricism and Scientific Theories
5. Kuhn: Scientific Revolutions as Paradigm Changes
6. Lakatos: Scientific Research Programmes
7. Feyerabend: Epistemological Anarchism
Part II: Ongoing Investigations
8. Reasoning with Probability: Bayesianism
9. Reasoning with Probability: Frequentism
10. Realism and Anti-Realism
11. Explanation
12. Science and Values

The Evidence for the Top Quark, originally published in 2004 (and now available in paperback!), combines a historical and a philosophical perspective on the initial evidence for the top quark, announced by two collaborations at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the mid-1990s. Both the history and the philosophy draw upon extensive interviews with physicists involved in the experiments. My narrative begins with the theoretical developments that incorporated the top quark into the Standard Model of physics, through the planning and design of the Tevatron accelerator and the massive detector used by the CDF collaboration, through the engineering challenges and data collection, and right into the heart of the methodological disputes over the analysis and interpretation of the data.

The Evidence for the Top Quark

I have also co-edited or edited special editions of journals on Experimental and Theoretical Knowledge, Statistical Science and Philosophy of Science, and Error and Methodology in Scientific Practice.

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